UCSD CENG 176 Wiki


This page contains the lab drawer contents organized by drawer, cabinet, or shelf number. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Students: We keep your lab areas fairly well stocked. Please don't pilfer contents from other cabinets without asking a TA or Instructor first.
  • TAs: If you remove something from a cabinet, please put it back when you're done! If you re-organize, please update the table below accordingly.


Each container has a label, is associated with a particular experiment, and should include a brief description of its contents. Large containers may be associated with more than one experiment and may have sub-containers. Containers A-X are in Room X; containers X-Z are in Room Y.

Label Experiment Contents
A01 General Misc. office supplies: pens, pencils, sticky notes, hole punches, etc.
A02 General Misc. office supplies: loose paper
A03 General Misc. office supplies: plastic wrap, plastic bags
A04 <empty> <empty>
A05 General Equipment manuals
A06 General Equipment manuals
A07 General Digital meters: pH, multimeters, thermocouples
A08 <empty> <empty>
A09 <empty> <empty>
A10 General Glass syringes and syringe accessories
A11 General Blank notebooks
A12 <empty> <empty>
A13 <empty> <empty>
A14 <empty> <empty>
A15 General HDD, myDAQ, and myDAQ accessories
A16 General Misc. lab supplies: filters and septums
A17 General Misc. lab supplies: unknown
A18 General Misc. lab supplies: unknown
B01 <empty> <empty>
B02 <empty> <empty>
B03 General Misc. lab supplies: syringes, culture trays, assay well plates, etc.
B04 General Misc. lab supplies: micropipets, containers, Microchem test kit, etc.
B05 General Cleaning Products
B06 General test tubes, and wood picks
B07 General Misc. lab supplies: pipette accuracy test kit, transfer pipettes, etc.
B08 General Pasteur pipettes, and sample vials
B09 General Misc. lab supplies: Cotton-tipped applicators, filter pipette tips, etc.
B10 General Misc. lab supplies: Glass syringes, sample trays, blood collection sets, etc.
B11 <empty> <empty>
B12 General Hydrometers, and vacuum system components
C01 General Compersated Warburg Syringe manometer, glass syringes, and syringe pump
C02 General Mettler Toledo pH Field Kit, and Oxygen Scrubbers
C03 General Long syringe needles, mixer tube, filter pipette, and straight-bore stopcock
C04 General Capillary columns, replacement column components
C05 General Replacement column components, and desicator
C06 <empty> <empty>
C07 General Cuvette balances, and replacement components to various equipment
C08 <empty> <empty>
C09 General Rubber Tubing
C10 General Metering pumps, and magnetic drive pumps
C11 <empty> <empty>
C12 General Medical tubing/filter, polymer tubing, and Oxyenator
C13 General Sand. sand membrane, and copper metal
C14 <empty> <empty>
C15 <empty> <empty>
C16 General Copper beads, roller polish, glass beads, and silicone beads